Landscape Designers : Interviewing Techniques

Gathering the right information for design

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One of the skills fundamental to designing a truly personal garden is being able to ask the right questions, listen carefully and so get to know your client well, then understand how a design response can be formed from that information. In this popular workshop we will focus on the interviewing techniques part. Through visiting 2 real life new potential clients, I will demonstrate a process of questioning in a 75 minute first consultation with an opportunity to practise your questioning on the second client. Both clients will be local to the Ringwood area (we will meet at Ringwood Station) and we will debrief the visits over a coffee in the cafe or couches in the REALM building opposite the train station.

The first Design Intensive workshop held the following day will flow on from this workshop, helping you to identify key answers in your client interview and how to interpret them in your design. Together, these workshops will help you to gain confidence in the art of finding the way into the client’s true emotional needs. This skill will set you apart from most designers and landscape constructors.
When I asked a long term client recently why he chose me for his landscape design, he answered “because you were the first one to listen”.
It is a simple thing to do, we all need to be heard and so often we aren’t!
The workshop is open to all landscape design practitioners. Limited to 4 places only.

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What you will learn
  • Interviewing methods & listening techniques
  • Information crucial to successful personalised design
  • How to build trust quickly and direct a time limited interview
What you will get
  • Confidence in questioning
  • Skills to build client relationships
  • Confidence to create the right landscape design for each client
Parking Info

Park in the Train station carpark on Station street side and meet at the entrance to the underpass.

What to bring
  • Notebook, water, patience to listen..
What to wear

Neat, smart and be prepared for rain.

Appropriate for

Graduates, students or prospective students of landscape design or landscape architecture courses or those working in the field of landscape design & construction.

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19 August 2018 • Landscape Designers : Interviewing Techniques

Loved watching Betsy-Sue work her magic in Interviewing Techniques. It was great to see the relationship between the clients, and their gardens - how it is possible to create an amazing garden for someone by getting into their heads and understanding what moves them and applying that to their garden, so it is unique and special to them.